Turn-key Kitec repiping: plumbing, drywall, tile, paint, clean, engineer certificate

Ki-Fix solves the Kitec problem in your condo.  Ki-Fix is the only plumbing company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec removal and replacement.

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. replaces Kitec and other faulty PEX plumbing in Toronto condos.

Review from Sharon, owner of a home in condo tower

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend the services of Ki-Fix Company. Recently, I was required by my condo corporation to replace the water pipes in my condo. As plumbing is not an area of expertise for me, to say the least, I was a bit apprehensive about the extent of work, damage to the walls, and the price. The people at Ki-Fix provided me with a quick, professional and clean service. At first, Chris and Robert sat down with me and explained their work procedure according to the layout of my condo. Later that day I received a quote from Chris via email. Next, they installed sensors for my kitchen and bathroom pipes to monitor any potential leak that may occur prior to their work. These sensors were to alert me and them via email in case of any unwanted leak was detected. It is needless to say I was very reassured.

The work itself took less time than expected. Ki-Fix offered to do the plumbing as well as the dry wall and painting work, which relieved me from finding and coordinating with another service provider. I would also like to note the cleanliness of their work, which is also something I was initially quite worried about. Ki-Fix people made sure to take care of my furniture, rugs and plants. They made very few holes in my walls, and the dry wall and the painting jobs were so skillfully done, I was not able to discern that any work was done! At the end of their work I found my condo clean, as if no extensive work has taken place. One of Ki-Fix people, Chris, who is an engineer, walked me through the work that was done, we operated all the faucets together and I saw that my water is working properly. In addition, he showed me before and after pictures (and emailed them to me as well) of the pipes and the work done. I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised by Ki-Fix’s high standard of work, cleanliness and service. I felt taken care of every step of the way. With regards to price, Ki-Fix offer a very fair price compared to two other companies I checked with, specifically considering that they provide a full-package service (i.e., plumbing, dry wall, painting). It should also be noted that as their name suggests, they are specializing in Kitec pipes, whereas the other companies I checked with offer general plumbing services.  Therefore, I highly recommend Ki-Fix services.


Thank you so much Chris and Robert!


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