Turn-key Kitec repiping: plumbing, drywall, tile, paint, clean, engineer certificate

Ki-Fix solves the Kitec problem in your condo.  Ki-Fix is the only plumbing company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec removal and replacement.

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. replaces Kitec and other faulty PEX plumbing in Toronto condos.

What is Kitec?

Kitec, manufactured by Ipex, is a water pipe made from two layers of a flexible plastic sandwiching a layer of flexible aluminum.  The system is completed with fasteners and connectors joining tubing together and terminating in fixtures such as shut-off valves or faucets.

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Kitec fails.

This Kitec system has been deemed unreliable and prone to failure causing bursting pipes and fittings inside walls and floors.  Ipex has settled a class action lawsuit for $125M to compensate owners of existing Kitec systems.

Failure of piping and fittings results in flooding, causing structural and content damage not only in units in which the failure occurs, but adjacent units and those below as well.  In a condo building, it is a shared, community problem and liability.

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