Turn-key Kitec repiping: plumbing, drywall, tile, paint, clean, engineer certificate

Ki-Fix solves the Kitec problem in your condo.  Ki-Fix is the only plumbing company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec removal and replacement.

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. replaces Kitec and other faulty PEX plumbing in Toronto condos.

"We're done!  I'd just like to thank you for making the re-piping of our home as painless as possible. As promised, the job was handled professionally from beginning to end. We are very happy with the final results" and "...some photos I took as the job unfolded"  Full review
Gary, townhouse unit owner 


"The people at Ki-Fix provided me with a quick, professional and clean service."  and  "Ki-Fix offered to do the plumbing as well as the dry wall and painting work, which relieved me from finding and coordinating with another service provider. I would also like to note the cleanliness of their work, which is also something I was initially quite worried aboutFull review
Sharon, tower unit owner    


"While this system required well over a hundred pipe connections and required openings throughout the unit, drywall cutting was kept to a minimum and dust and debris were well managed so as not to contaminate the home and owner’s contents which remained in place throughout the retrofit."  Full review
Bruce, Inspecting Engineer   


"What a nice construction crew - I feel completely comfortable leaving them at my house."
Gloria, townhouse unit owner

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