Turn-key Kitec repiping: plumbing, drywall, tile, paint, clean, engineer certificate

Ki-Fix solves the Kitec problem in your condo.  Ki-Fix is the only plumbing company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec removal and replacement.

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. replaces Kitec and other faulty PEX plumbing in Toronto condos.

Welcome to Ki-Fix

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. is an Ontario Corporation formed specifically to meet the need of Kitec replacement in Toronto condominiums. 

 Kitec potable water plumbing systems have been deemed unstable by its manufacturer, the Ontario court system, and various insurance providers.  Because it is prone to failure without symptom or warning, insurance providers are refusing to renew insurance for individual units and buildings with Kitec.

 Ki-Fix has developed proprietary methods of locating and replacing Kitec within condo units, and expertly restoring homes in the least amount of time, and with minimum disruption to owners.  See our Reviews.

 Ki-Fix is not a general plumbing service.  It is a single purpose firm with specialists in engineering, general contracting, plumbing and drywall repair, and our sole mission is Kitec replacement.  Ki-Fix is the only company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec repiping.

We do the entire job - replacement of all Kitec pipes and fittings, full  drywall and paint restoration, and professional cleaning!  See our Photos.

Our Details

Incorporation Certificate Number: 2471103

Business Number: 81691 9963

Toronto Plumbing Contractor License: T94-4538472

WSIB Account: 6097465


Bob Clarke

General Contractor and Installer

Bob is a home design and construction specialist, with 30 years’ experience as a General Contractor.  Starting with renovations, Bob expanded to new home construction in Toronto, then then cottage mansions in Muskoka.

He is intimately familiar with the various systems within a house or building.   Bob and his crews have installed thousands of feet of plumbing pipes (and fittings) in renovations and new residential and commercial construction. 

He is experienced in residential repiping of Kitec systems, and is a certified installer of Uponor piping and fittings.

He brings his expertise and attention to detail in interior finishes including drywall restoration and remediation as is necessary with renovations, especially seamless patching and blending with kitchen and bathroom work.

Bob’s many years building heirloom furniture and solid wood kitchen and bathroom cabinetry gives him experience in working in an environment of top quality construction, furnishings and finishes.  He is sensitive to design esthetic and detail, has a keen eye for imperfections and high standards of finish.

From plumbing, renovation and general contracting, Bob has the mind-set and ability to problem solve… to work with the situation at hand and make sure the job gets done to meet his own expectations and exceed those of his customers.

He has managed large scale projects extending over months and years, as well as small scale projects where the entire scope of work, with all trades, needs to be completed in one day.

He is used to coordinating trades and materials flow, working toward deadlines.  His organization and communication skills ensure total satisfaction of goals he shares with his customer - speedy completion of a project within their home with minimal disruption.

Studied Commerce at University of Toronto and Civil Engineering at University of Waterloo

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