Turn-key Kitec repiping: plumbing, drywall, tile, paint, clean, engineer certificate

Ki-Fix solves the Kitec problem in your condo.  Ki-Fix is the only plumbing company in Toronto dedicated to Kitec removal and replacement.

Ki-Fix Repiping Solutions Inc. replaces Kitec and other faulty PEX plumbing in Toronto condos.

Sensors and emergency shutdown:

When Ki-Fix is contracted to remediate the plumbing system within a particular home, the first thing we do is give you peace of mind!  

We install small leak sensors in your walls and under the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink. These are wifi sensors configured to your home network, and monitored 24/7 by us to ensure your peace of mind until we complete the restoration work on your home.

We also give you a water system shut-down demonstration, and leave a card with shut-down instructions attached to your meters, for use in case of an emergency.

If a leak sensor ever indicates a problem in your home, you shut your water system down according to our instructions, and our emergency response team will be at your home within 24 hours to start the entire remediation process, regardless of your current place in the queue.

Kitec Removal:                                                  

We start by identifying the routes of the Kitec tubing to and from the various fixtures within the home, starting from the entry point into your home.  

Using our proprietary dustless drywall cutting system, we remove small sections of drywall to allow us access to the manifolds, as well as to the connections for each fixture.  In other words, we access both ends of each piece of Kitec tubing within your home.  We remove only the small drywall sections necessary to allow us access to effect replacement of the Kitec.

Install new pipes and fittings:

There are no plumbing “repairs” as such…we do a complete plumbing system “repiping" or replacement. 

We feed the new Uponor tubing (red for hot and blue for cold) through the walls and floors of your home, connecting to the central distribution manifolds and to each individual fixture.

Once all the new connections are made, the system is pressure tested, inspected and approved by an independent Engineer, and then we start the drywall repairs.

Restore drywall:

When we’re finished, it looks like we were never there at all. 

When that first piece of drywall is removed with our proprietary dustless cutting system, our interior finish specialist takes it to his paint mixing technician.

Computer-matched paint is made to match your wall sample exactly.  It doesn’t matter what brand it is, or if it has faded.  We can match it.

The drywall we carefully removed in the beginning is now replaced, so that the fit is exact.

Even with several access areas, we only need to sand once in preparation for painting.  This light sanding ensures a smooth finished wall.  We take great care and pride in creating as little plaster dust as possible. 

Wall Painting:

Each of our newly plastered access areas now gets primer and your custom matched paint.  For smaller walls, we’ll repaint the entire wall.  For large walls, we’ll carefully feather the new paint into the existing paint.

We do our best to visually match both the colour and the texture of your walls, so it looks like we were never even there.

We minimize impact on your home life:

The entire process will take 5 to 10 days depending on the size and complexity of your home.  During that time, we will make sure you have water to use at the end of each day (other than one changeover day), and that our tools, materials and drop-cloths are stored neatly in your home for the evenings, so you can relax and enjoy your home as much as possible during the process.

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